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Stuff. Chances are you have lots of stuff. Or you want lots of stuff. Welcome to the wonderful world of consumerism, ch-ching! Consumerism, in plain words, is the increasing consumption of stuff.

New phone every two years, latest model tv, more take-out, more clothes, more gadgets….. you get it, more stuff. Australians spend over $642 million on stuff every year. Some of us go into debt so we can have the stuff – the average Australian credit card balance is $4,370 – that’s around $32 Billion all up. And with many Aussies not paying off their credit card debt each month we’re also shelling out around $700 in interest each year. That’s $700 that would be better in your pocket!

In this section, we chat about spending. Why we spend, different ways to part with your money, how you can use credit, smarter ways to shop and a bit about your credit history. 








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