Learn about the treasury products and services we offer, and how we can support your business.

Our Treasury products

IMB is a supplier of investment and at call accounts and can quote your organisation as you require.

To invest with IMB:
- Phone 1800 654 423 or (02) 4298 0100
- Email middlemarkets@imb.com.au or treasury@imb.com.au

We offer the following products:

Call Accounts
11am / 24 hour call accounts
Fixed Deposits
Term Deposits
Floating Deposits
Variable Rate Deposits
Negotiable Certificate of Deposits (NCDs)

treasury services

Dedicated & trusted treasury services

No fees

Direct contact through our 1800 654 423 number

Dedicated Business Managers to discuss your requirements

Monthly call account statements

Annual Certificate of Balance statement to meet your auditing requirements

Annual Statement of Deals Actioned

Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available from IMB Treasury upon request.

IMB Credit Rating

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why invest with IMB Bank

Invest in the stability of over 140 years of banking

  • Regulated by APRA and ASIC
  • IMB has a very strong and clean Balance Sheet
  • Highly liquid and well capitalised
  • Personalised, high quality service
  • Dedicated business manager
  • Easy to do business with
  • IMB has been in business for over 140 years
  • Conservative, prudent management

why us

IMB Bank is one of the most enduring financial institutions in the country, helping people achieve their financial goals for over 140 years.

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Your security, our priority

Security is a fundamental right for our customers, and we hold it as one of our core values.

Important Information


Information current at date of appearance and subject to change. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement for IMB Treasury Products (PDS) before making a decision about IMB Treasury products and facilities. The PDS is available from IMB Treasury upon request by calling 1800 654 423 or (02) 4298 0100 or emailing middlemarkets@imb.com.au or treasury@imb.com.au.