Open Banking

Share your IMB CDR data securely with trusted organisations.

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking gives you greater control of your banking data.

It was introduced by the Australian Federal Government as part of an initiative called the Consumer Data Right (CDR) which enables the safe and secure transfer of consumer data.

Open Banking gives you the right to direct IMB to share your CDR data securely with other participating accredited parties you may trust – like other banks, financial apps or budgeting services which you might use.

Sharing your CDR data can help you:

Compare other banking products and services to your existing arrangements
Access up-to-date data from multiple financial institutions in one place
Get a clearer picture of your overall financial position

We are accredited.

Only organisations accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission can collect and use your CDR data.

Sharing CDR Data

Who can share CDR Data?

What CDR Data can I share?

IMB's CDR Policy

How to set up and manage CDR data sharing

Step 1

An Accredited Data Recipient sends us a request to start sharing your IMB CDR data.

Step 2

You enter your member number and we send a OTP via SMS for authentication.

Step 3

We present the accounts available to share your CDR data. You authorise which accounts, for how long and what type of CDR data you want to share.

Step 4

We then notify you by SMS that your consent has been provided to share your CDR data.

Got a question on Open Banking?

Can I share both my personal accounts and business accounts in the same consent I create with an Accredited Data Recipient?

What is the eligibility criteria for a Nominated Representative to share CDR Data?

I am a Nominated Representative for an IMB business member, so why can’t I share CDR data about an account?

Can I authorise more than one Nominated Representative to manage CDR data sharing for my IMB business accounts?

As a Nominated Representative of an IMB business account, what can I do?

How do I authorise a Nominated Representative to share CDR data for my Business?

How do I share CDR data on my IMB business accounts?

I’m an IMB business member, can I share data about my IMB business accounts through the Consumer Data Right (CDR)?

I am enabled as a Secondary User so why can’t I share CDR data on the account?

I am an Account holder and have an ATO on my account. I do not want them to be able to share CDR data about my account as a Secondary User. How do I confirm this?

What happens when a Secondary User is Disabled?

Can an account holder enable or disable CDR data sharing capability for a Secondary User?

What can Secondary Users do?

What is the eligibility criteria for CDR Secondary Users?

What is a Secondary User in Open Banking?

How do I change my joint account CDR data sharing notifications?

How do I enable a joint account for CDR data Sharing?

Where can I go for further information on the Consumer Data Right?

How do I manage my CDR data sharing preferences?

Will I be charged a fee for using Open Banking?

Why are some of my accounts not visible or unavailable to share with Open Banking?

How long does my Open Banking consent remain active?

How do I authorise Third Party Products?

What products are available to share in Open Banking?

Can I cancel my consent?

Viewing my CDR data sharing arrangements in Internet Banking

Can I opt out of Open Banking?

Is Open Banking secure?

When did IMB launch Open Banking?

Information for developers

On 1 October 2020 IMB commenced sharing product data publicly through our secure application program interfaces (APIs). This includes information about the products we offer – including features, rates, fees, and charges related to these products. We do not accept requests for voluntary product data.

Your security, our priority

Security is a fundamental right for our customers, and we hold it as one of our core values.

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