4 tips to buying your first home

There’s no better feeling than achieving a goal you’ve worked so hard for – particularly if it’s for a deposit on your first home. So, where do you go from here?

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Savvy ways to save as a student

Studying at university can be academically and financially challenging as you attempt to navigate life on a student budget. Setting goals early may help avoid a mid-semester crisis that can end in toast dinners and two minute showers. The following tips could help you get on the road to managing your university-sized budget more effectively.

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Schools back hows the budget?

Your kids may be ready for the new term but unfortunately, school expenses don’t stop at the uniform and books.

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A different kind of egg for easter

On average, Australians eat around 5kg of chocolate every year*. That’s 30 blocks of Dairy Milk, or 30 Elegant Rabbits if that’s your preference. And if that’s not enough chocolate for you, estimates state that at Easter we increase our weekly consumption by over 50%. Hello, sugar high!

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Teaching kids about money

Do your kids think money comes from the ATM? Relax, you’re not alone. In a world where money is becoming more and more invisible, it can be hard for kids to grasp the basic concepts of where money comes from, what you use it for and all the different ways you can ‘spend’, often without any actual cash changing hands. It can also be hard for them to realise that, for most of us, there is a limited amount of money available.  So when is the right time to teach your kids about money, and what do they need to know?

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5 reasons to open a savings account for your kids

You may already be putting money aside each week to help pay for your kids’ education, first car or wedding, perhaps all three. So why do they need their own savings account? Here are 5 things to consider.

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Is pocket money short changing our kids

Traditionally allowances or ‘pocket money’ have been a way of teaching children about money, but is this the best way?

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5 things your kids need to know about money

These modern times can be confusing for our kids when it comes to money. Long gone are the weekly trips to the local branch to do your banking and withdraw cash to see you through until next time. Credit cards, debit cards and internet and mobile banking all mean less physical money changes hands, never mind EFTPOS withdrawals where you appear to be given money with your shopping. Before too long we will all be paying for purchases with our smartphones, so how best to ensure our kids grow up with an appreciation of the stuff that makes the world go around? Here are our top five things to teach your kids about money.

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A business banking borrowing walkthrough

A guide to small business borrowing

There are many businesses all around Australia that are in growth mode.

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How to apply for a business loan

Is it time for you to apply for a business loan? There may be a few things to check off the list beforehand. You may need to come prepared for the meeting with your lender, and that can require some research and understanding of your own finances. If you come prepared and confident, it may make all the difference.

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