Planning for a debt free Christmas

No one likes a hangover and especially the debt hangover that many people experience after indulging in a little too much Christmas spending. With Christmas just around the corner, how can we ensure we are financially prepared for the silly season?

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Where is the best place for my savings

So you’ve managed to pull together some savings. Awesome work! But what comes next? Where do you put it and just how hard should those savings be working for you?

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Plan ahead to get a great deal on a new car

It is very easy to get carried away with the excitement of buying a new set of wheels. After all, next to a home it is probably the biggest purchase many of us will make. All the more reason to make sure that you get the best price possible on the car you want.  Before you hit the car yards, take the time to do some research, compare prices and work on your negotiating skills.

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5 things to buy second hand and save

Creating a beautiful home that is our cocoon from the world or enjoying our favourite leisure activities need not break the bank. Here are 5 things that you should consider buying second hand.

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Make your home the talk of the town

We've all seen the renovation television makeover shows and how a simple stroke of paint or some concrete render can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. Shows like The Block and House Rules are inspiring everyday people to take their renovation dreams into their own hands.

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8 top tips to help you afford your dreams

We all have dreams and goals. Maybe you want to travel the world, own your first home or put yourself through university. Our dreams and goals are as diverse as we are.

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10 ways you can start saving now

We all hear about the importance of reviewing things like your phone and insurance to see if you can save money, but what about changes you can make right now to help save a buck or two. Some of these savings may seem small, but overtime they all add up.

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Creating a budget you can stick to


Mention the word budget and you are rarely greeted with gleeful excitement, hands clapping together and a ‘Yay let’s get started’. However, the fact remains that a budget is the cornerstone of any financial plan. If you do nothing else with your finances, do this one thing. It will change your life…for the better.

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5 Reasons you need a budget

Ask anyone with half an idea about finances and they’ll most likely tell you the first step towards getting your personal finances sorted is doing a budget. Before you run screaming for the exit, here are five good reasons you need one this year:

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5 Best Aussie Road Trips

Road trips Australia

Ready to hit the road? Tick these dream drives off your bucket list. Whether it's a romantic drive along coastal roads with a summertime breeze blowing through your hair or an inexpensive winter getaway through the luscious countryside, there’s nothing like a road trip to recharge your zest for adventure.

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