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Surviving the colder months on a student budget

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Do you feel that nip in the air, the goosebumps on your skin? Rain clouds are forming overhead and the wind is starting to get a bit of a bite to it. That's right; Winter is here and with it comes all the 'joys' of the colder months.

But spare a thought for those poor young adults, shivering in student accommodation with nothing but the light of their laptops and the burning horror of their building student debt to keep them warm. It can be particularly tough time for these critters, but it's perfectly possible to survive and thrive in these winter months, even operating on a student budget. Just follow these tips!

1: Be a sheep

During your time at university, you get the chance to really explore your individuality, to break away from the flock - but during the colder months, you might find it beneficial to go back to being a sheep. At least, in terms of clothing anyway.

The body pumps out about 37 degrees Celsius at optimum temperature, but a lot of that is lost due to our lack of natural insulation1. Instead of spending loads of cash on heating, consider buying a cheap granny sweater and wear it at home, trapping that warmth against your skin where it's actually of use. You might not look super fashionable, but the savings on your utility bill will more than make up for any embarrassment.

These guys certainly aren't feeling the chill.

2: Head to the gym

If your university offers a free or subsidised gym membership, now could be the time to take advantage of it. Even if you aren't a gym junkie, this might be a great way to beat back the cold on the cheap and improve your physique as well2.

Bonus tip: see if your university gym offers a Bikram Yoga class. This 'hot yoga' style involves a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius - positively toasty, and (hopefully) free with your membership3.

3: Buy produce in season

Winter brings us potatoes, spring onions, pumpkins, mushrooms and all sorts of other great produce that can be perfect for making soups4. They can help keep you warm and save you some cash too, plus they might keep your body and mind ticking over nicely when you eventually get around to that tricky assignment.As a student, you need to ensure that you are adequately fuelling your body and your brain. Those instant noodles only have so much nutritional value, but there are other alternatives - soups are some the easiest things you can learn to make, and they could be great food for warming you up from the inside too.

We hope these tips and tricks keep you nice and warm in the next few months and all the better to take on the challenge of your studies. It can be tough living as a student on a paltry budget, but remember; you can always get in contact with us here at IMB if you need some help with managing your expenses and setting a budget!


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