Housing affordability tips

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With property prices skyrocketing in certain parts of Australia, the likelihood of snagging a 3 bedroom home without cashing in a hefty inheritance or help from mum and dad, is getting slimmer and slimmer. But there are options available for first-time property buyers.

  Tip 1: Become a rentvestor
  Tip 2: Consider an apartment
  Tip 3: Buy to renovate in stages
  Tip 4: Leverage government home buyer grants and concessions
  Tip 5: Interest only home loans
  Tip 6: Find someone to purchase with

Growing up in Australia means many of us have all been conditioned to think we should be striving towards the Great Australian Dream of home ownership and a quarter acre block. However, it might just be time to reconsider as housing market prices skyrocket. Hopefully, some of these tips may present some options to consider.

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