URL shortening

March 12, 2024

URL shortening allows long website addresses to be displayed in a shortened form, allowing for more concise and professional looking communications with members. This is particularly true when using social media or other communication methods that have a character limit.

As an example, the IMB website would appear as follows:

http://www.imb.com.au  = http://bit.ly/1e0PYEz

IMB using bit.ly

To assist our members, IMB will now be using bit.ly’s url shortening service in some of our online communications.


Below are the rules for when we would use URL shortening.

  • IMB will never use a URL shortening service to connect you directly to IMB’s internetbanking or mobilebanking sites
  • IMB will use URL shorteners to direct you to landing pages on the www.imb.com.au or mobile.imb.com.au website. If you are being directed to a form, you will first arrive on an information page and not the form directly
  • IMB will not use URL shorteners on IMB’s own website (with the exception being if we choose to create an informational page on the website to describe URL shortening to members)

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