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Refinancing resources

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Easy to read refinancing guides

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Calculate how much time and money you could save by refinancing

Why should I refinance?

There are several reasons why refinancing your home loan may be the right option, depending on your objectives and financial situation. These include:

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When to refinance

Everyone’s circumstances are different, however there are certain times when refinancing your home loan can be more beneficial than others. Historically, in the era of set-and-forget, the general advice in finance circles was to only contemplate refinancing if there was 1-2% difference between the loan you are repaying and the loan you are considering, such was the burden of break costs and other fees. Not anymore.

When to refinance:

  1. When interest rates drop
  2. Your LVR is less than 80%
  3. Close of a fixed interest loan term
  4. When your circumstances change

When not to refinance:

  1. Breaking a Fixed Rate Loan Term
  2. When your LVR is still above 80%

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How to refinance

Refinancing your home loan is a fairly simple process, it just requires the same kind of research and arithmetic you used when securing your home loan to begin with. Once you have ascertained that the rate you are paying is too much in the current market, or that the features of your home loan are not suitable for your lifestyle, or that you just feel it's a good time to look at your options: start the process.

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How to refinance your home loan in 4 simple steps

Understand refinancing

Refinancing your home loan can be confusing and daunting. Check out our refinance guides to take you a step closer to saving time and money off your loan.

See how much you can save

Use our simple refinance calculator to see how much time and money you could save by refinancing.

Apply for a home loan

Book a time to speak with an IMB Bank home loan expert or apply for a home loan online. 

We'll do the hard work

Once you’ve decided on the loan that will best suit you, we will do the hard work to get your home loan out of your life sooner.

How we can help you

140 years of giving home loans
We have been helping people buy homes and achieve their financial goals since 1880.
We can come to you
Our mobile lenders are on standby ready to come to you to discuss how we can help you switch to a better home loan.
Dedicated local customer service
As a mutual bank, our members are our shareholders, and we strive to deliver them the best service, value and innovations.
Available anywhere in Australia
Wherever you are in Australia, our team of home loan specialists can help you refinance to a better home loan.

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“I’ve been a member with IMB since my first job at Coles and have always loved the personal service,” says Megan Pracy. As newlyweds, she and husband Matthew (along with lots of help from daughter Valetta) worked with IMB to save their deposit, navigate their entitlements and secure their loan. “When an opportunity to buy our first home, I called Lauren Oakes.”

Then Camden Branch Manager (and now Menai Branch Manager), Lauren had helped the couple’s preparation over the previous two years: setting up term deposits, helping them formulate a budget program to save their deposit, and steering them through NSW First Homebuyer’s Grant, Stamp Duty exemptions and mortgage insurance. It worked. When the contacts were produced, Megan and Matthew were ready.

“The team at IMB have always been incredibly supportive,” says Megan. “We wouldn’t be in our home without them.”

"We wouldn’t be in our home without IMB"

Megan and Matthew from Camden

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They will answer any of your questions and assess your situation. This can be at your local branch, on the phone or we can come to you.

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# Conditional approval is given to successful applicants and is valid for 60 days. Conditions include the provision of verification documents and security satisfactory to IMB.

Why choose us?

Established in 1880, IMB Bank is one of the most enduring financial institutions in the country, helping people achieve their financial goals for over 140 years. Our members can access a fully featured range of services: home and personal lending, savings and transaction accounts, term deposits, business banking, and more.

Our renowned personal service is backed by innovation, providing convenient, secure digital banking options where and when you want it. IMB also has a growing retail branch network throughout NSW and Victoria, for when you need to speak to someone in person, and a team of professionals at our locally based contact centre. We have a lending specialist in every branch and a team of mobile lending specialists who will come to you.

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