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Home Ownership

Home Loan Pre-approval

With home loan pre-approval your finances are ready when the perfect home comes along.

Home Ownership

Why consider property investment?

The basics on why property investment may be right for you.

Home Ownership

The beginner's guide to property investment

Location, type of dwelling and whether to build or buy: starter tips for buying an investment property.

Home Ownership

Preparing for a meeting with a lender

Simple steps to prepare for a meeting with a home loan lender

Home Ownership

Preparing to buy your first home?

From deposit requirements to LVR and stamp duty: everything you need to know when taking the first steps to buying a property.

Home Ownership

Investment property tax considerations

Explore some of the tax considerations when buying an investment property

Home Ownership

Is an investment property right for you?

Thinking of buying an investment property? Here are some considerations.

Home Ownership

Investment property costs and revenues

Some income and expenses of an investment property

Home Ownership

Investing in property

Buying an investment property? Here's how.

Home Ownership

How to buy your first home

From researching the best loan for you through to the legal process and how settlement works, here are the essentials to buying your first home.

Home Ownership

How to escape mortgage stress

Steps to minimise the risk of mortgage stress if interest rates change.

Home Ownership

How the construction loan process works

Find out how to navigate the financial journey when building your new home.

Home Ownership

Housing affordability tips

Six handy tips to help buy a home sooner

Home Ownership

Home Loans: Fixed, variable or split?

A snapshot of interest on different home loans.

Home Ownership

Funding an investment property

Whether you own your own home or are a first home buyer, investing in property can be a great way into the market.

Home Ownership

Finding the right tenants and maximising your rental returns

6 steps to get results from your investment property.

Home Ownership

Finding the right investment property

From location to sales history, maintenance costs, attracting tenants and more: find out what to consider when buying the right investment property for you

Saving and Managing Money

Discovering investment options (Part 1)

Home Ownership

Can your first home be an investment property?

Could you be a rentvestor? Even though the age-old dream of living in your own home is still alive and kicking for many, a lot of savvy buyers are taking out their first ever mortgage to buy an investment property.

Home Ownership

Buying an investment Property: Glossary

Her are the key terms used when buying an Investment Property explained.

Home Ownership

Buying a home: the legal process

Your get-started guide, including finances, getting a solicitor and inspections, with expertise from Peter Franke, of Stacks Heard McEwan Lawyers.

Home Ownership

Buying an investment property checklist

Easy step-by-step checklist to buying your investment property

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