How to protect yourself against scams

All Australians need to unite to combat scams, and consumers have a key role to play too.

Scamwatch has some tips of red flags to look out for when identifying a scam including:

  • Being offered an “amazing opportunity” to make or save money
  • Someone you haven’t met, or have only talked to online, says they need your help – and money
  • A message you receive contains links or attachments
  • Being pressured to act quickly
  • Being asked to pay in unusual or specific ways
  • Asking you to set up new accounts or to pay them to use a PayID

If scammers have been successful, they will try to get more money. Unfortunately, one in three victims of a scam have been scammed more than once. If you’ve lost money to a scam, be especially wary of new scams – including if someone offers to help you get your money back.

Stop – don’t give money or personal information to anyone you don't know.

Scammers will offer to help you or ask you to verify who you are. They will pretend to be from organisations or people you know and trust. Use strong passwords, never share your personal details or banking information, and try to monitor your bank transactions, credit card, and online shopping accounts. Do not share secure codes and authentication details with anyone.

Think – ask yourself could the message or call be fake?

Scammers often pressure victims through a sense of urgency. It is vital to slow down and think clearly. Never click a link or an attachment in a message, and only contact businesses or government using contact information from their official website or through their secure apps. If you’re not sure, say no, hang up, or delete the message.

Protect – act quickly if something feels wrong.

Contact your IMB Bank immediately on 133 362 if you notice some unusual activity or if a scammer gets your money or information, and report the matter to ReportCyber and Scamwatch.

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