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Completed applications may be submitted:

  1. In person to your local IMB branch manager
  2. By mail to:
    IMB Community Sponsorships
    PO Box 2077
  3. By email to
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applicants should review our Sponsorship Guidelines prior to completing an application for sponsorship. Applications for sponsorship or monetary support must include the following information:

  1. Cover Page
    Please attach a cover page to your submission that clearly outlines the following:
    • Details of your organisation including name, address, and contact details
    • Name of your event, activity etc for which you are seeking sponsorship
    • Date and period of Event, activity etc
    • Value of sponsorship requested – monetary and/or in kind
    • Brief summary of sponsorship proposal
  2. Description of event
    Provide a description of the proposed event, activity, team or group for which you are seeking sponsorship or funding.
  3. Objectives
    What are the key objectives of the event or activity? Please provide specific and measurable outcomes. For example, participation rate, community benefit etc.
  4. Target group/s
    Who is the event or activity targeted to? Who is likely to attend the activity or event?
  5. Sponsor benefits

    Detail the sponsorship benefits which will be delivered to IMB for supporting the event/ activity/ team/ group i.e media coverage, website advertising, outdoor advertising, signage or collateral at the event etc

    If applicable, please provide details on the following:

    • Media/Publications – Are you using any media or publication to promote the activity/event, team or group? If yes please provide details of:
      • How IMB will be represented? i.e. via an advertisement or logo placement?
      • What do you require off IMB? Eg logo, wording, finished art etc
      • Booking Deadlines
      • Material Deadlines
      • Material Specifications
  6. Other sponsorship funding
    Are there other sponsors? Please note – IMB will generally not support sponsorships involving another financial institution.
  7. Sponsorship/funding/ support requested

    Please provide a break down of what is requested? Will this be in the form of:

    • A cash contribution – Please provide details of how funds will be used.
    • Giveaways – Please provide details of giveaways requested.
    • Advertising or Promotional Support – Please specify requirements.
  8. Financial information
    Is there a current banking relationship with IMB? Please state details.
  9. Reporting
    Advise how IMB will be informed of the outcome of the event and what evidence will be provided to IMB to assess its success

Please note: We will consider your application based on the information you provide us in response to the criteria set out in this document. However, any decision to provide sponsorship will be made at our absolute discretion and no further correspondence will be entered into once we have made our decision.

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