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Since 1999, the IMB Bank Community Foundation has supported hundreds of not-for-profit projects that help build better, brighter communities.

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Helping build brighter communities

In 1999, the IMB Bank Community Foundation was founded to provide a grants program that supported people who are giving their time, energy and expertise to build better, brighter communities.
Over the years, we have donated $12 million to more than 900 community projects, providing meaningful and grassroots changes that address vital and diverse needs in the community We are committed to the projects we support and have seen first-hand the difference they make to many people.

funded community projects for 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 recipients

These 55 community-building initiatives received funding from the IMB Bank Community Foundation. Their dedication to  our communities and those most in need is a true inspiration.

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project spotlight

Building better futures with The LIVEFree Project

The IMB Bank Community Foundation is proud to support The LIVEFree Project, which is creating opportunities and changing lives for kids and families in Newcastle NSW.

2 mins

Feb 3, 2023



Applications Open

01 May 2024

Applications Close

14 June 2024

Applications Processed

August 2024

Shortlist Announced

September 2024

Final Recipients Announced

October 2024


Eligibility for funding

The range of organisations to which the IMB Bank Community Foundation provides grants is diverse, as the need of every community is different. So, before applying, check that your organisation and your project are eligible, meeting our objectives and criteria.

Our objectives

Criteria for funding

What we won't fund

How to apply for funding

Before you begin

Review whether your organisation is eligible for funding.

Submitting your application

Apply online by the due date. Our team can assist if you’re having any difficulties.

What happens next?

We’ll review all applications and announce the shortlist on the date in our timetable.

Got a question on Community Foundation?

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If my project grant application is successful how would I receive the money?

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Need support?

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Important Information

1. The IMB Bank Community Foundation may consider funding for professional fees and wages for trainer or instructor related costs where the project is dependent on such positions to be successfully completed, and where the project is otherwise able to demonstrate that it is sustainable.

2. The Committee closely assesses each application before anything is ruled out on these grounds. It is accepted that either type of expenditure may well be an integral part of a whole project.

If your application is successful, your organisation will be required to have open a current bank account with IMB for the purpose of direct transfer of funds. If there are extenuating circumstances, e.g. local government organisation procedures, etc.., we will discuss with you the possibility of specific alternative arrangements.