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Meet Osko®

Your faster way to pay.






Osko payments are here.

What is Osko?

Osko is the faster way to pay or receive money from friends, family and businesses.
No more waiting days for money to change hands. Now you can pay and be paid in a matter of seconds – even if the other person banks with a different financial institution.

Get started now.

You can make Osko payments, and create a PayID to receive Osko payments, through IMB’s Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App.

If you haven’t registered for Internet Banking, register now here, call into your local branch or call us on 133 462, 8am – 8pm Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm on Saturday.

How does it work?

Receiving a payment

Provide your PayID

Once you’ve created your PayID (this could be your mobile number or email address) in Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking App, you can simply give this PayID to someone to receive an Osko payment.


Making a payment


Login to IMB Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking App.

Enter PayID

Pay someone using the registered PayID they’ve given you. This could be a phone number, email address, ABN or an Organisation Identifier name. Visit for more.

Write a message

You can include up to 280 characters (including emojis!) in your description.

Check the details

Make sure the PayID and amount you’ve entered are correct as the money will be transferred immediately. When you use a PayID, you will also see the name of the account you are paying to, so check this before completing the payment.

Pay securely

Real time payments are processed securely in seconds through Osko by BPAY™. Visit for more.

What difference will it make?

For customers

It will make it easier to flick cash to friends, split a dinner bill at the table or pay a tradie fast.


For businesses

It will mean bill payments can be received sooner. It can also speed up wage payments to staff and improve overall cashflow.

Why you'll love real time payments

It's fast

Faster payments across over 50 financial institutions, 24/7 – even weekends!

It's smart

You can use 280 characters to describe who’s getting paid and why, including emojis – whatever characters you need!

It's easy

You can use a PayID to pay and get paid with something simple like a registered mobile, email or ABN. Or you can still use a BSB and account no. 

It's safe

It’s backed by BPAY and us, so it’s very secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please click here to download our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Osko® and Osko by BPAYTM and logos are trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd. Consider the PDS available before making a decision about this facility. IMB Ltd trading as IMB Bank. ABN 92 087 651 974. AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237 391