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Family Guarantee Loan

Get your first home sooner with the help of your family.


IMB’s Family Guarantee is a way for your family to help you get into your dream home sooner. A family guarantee allows your family to help you purchase a property without actually providing you with a cash gift or cash loan.

Benefits of a Family Guarantee Loan

Lower deposit required

Avoid or reduce lender's mortgage insurance costs

Choose from any of IMB’s home loans

You may be eligible for a lower interest rate, by lowering your loan-to-property value ratio

You can use a family guarantee to help get your home sooner

What is a Family Guarantee Loan and how could it help me?

A family guarantee allows your family to help you purchase a property without actually providing you with a cash gift or cash loan. Using a family guarantee you could apply for a home loan without a deposit and without paying the lender’s mortgage insurance costs.

For example, if you wanted to purchase a property worth $550k, you could have to save up to $110k to get a 20% deposit. Saving up for a deposit this big could take you years. Instead, your parents could provide a limited guarantee for the required amount against their existing property (or against a Term Deposit that they hold with IMB) so that you don’t have to pay lender’s mortgage insurance or save up for a deposit.

This all helps you get into your home much sooner and can save you money.

Am I eligible?

Who can be my guarantor?

How does it Work?

How to get your first home

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