Banking for Kids

Learn how to bank as a kid.

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Learning About Money

Your take home pay

Easy breakdown of net income and take home pay for students.

Learning About Money

Tips for creating a budget that works for you

Finance tips for teens on creating a budget that works for them.

Learning About Money

Teaching kids about money

How and when to start teaching your kids about money and banking

Learning About Money

Savings accounts for all students

Saving for your goals can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you're studying. Leaving home for the first time and dealing with rent, student loans, university fees and other associated costs can make your first steps as a budgeter quite stressful.

Saving and Managing Money

Research shows declining rates in teenage financial literacy

Well, the research is in and the results speak for themselves. Australian teenagers could do with a hand when it comes to financial literacy.

Learning About Money

A different kind of egg for easter

On average, Australians eat around 5kg of chocolate every year*. That’s 30 blocks of Dairy Milk, or 30 Elegant Rabbits if that’s your preference. And if that’s not enough chocolate for you, estimates state that at Easter we increase our weekly consumption by over 50%. Hello, sugar high!

Learning About Money

5 things your kids need to know about money

Easy tips for teaching kids about money, interest and banking.

Learning About Money

5 reasons to open a savings account for your kids

Learning to save at a young age can create good habits for life

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