Kick Start Package

Combines the Everyday Unlimited Kick Start Account to manage your day to day banking with no monthly fee with the Reward Saver Kick Start Account to help grow your savings faster1.


Whether you’re into shopping or surfing, music or movies, or simply saving for that first overseas trip, IMB’s Kick Start Package1 will help you get what you want faster.

Designed especially for under 18s and students, apprentices and trainees aged 18 to 30, it combines two accounts:

Kick start package

Discover our Kick Start Accounts

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Reward Saver Kick Start

A high interest savings account. Start saving for that something special today.

  • Competitive bonus interest rate by saving $20 month with no withdrawals3
  • No monthly account keeping fees
  • Personalise your account name (e.g. ‘Holiday Savings’)
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Everyday Unlimited Kick Start Account

An everyday bank account. Make as many Internet Banking and Phone Banking transactions as you want and you won’t be charged a cent in transaction fees2.

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Have your ID handy so we can verify your identity electronically (open to Australian residents, 13 years and over)

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Important Information


Information current at date of appearance and subject to change. You should consider the IMB Member Guide to Transaction Banking - Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a decision about IMB products and facilities. Target Market Determinations available here. Fees and charges may apply, see the PDS – Fees, Charges and Limits for more details.  

Interest on all deposits is calculated on the daily balance at a daily rate equivalent to the annual rate divided by 365. For the Everday Unlimited Kick Start account interest rates are paid on the entire balance of the account. For the Reward Saver Kick Start account a different rate applies to the portion of the balance in each tier.

Rates and features

1. The Kick Start Package comprises an Everyday Unlimited Kick Start account & Reward Saver Kick Start account. The Kick Start Package is available to individuals aged 13-17 and students, trainees and apprentices aged 18-30, studying or training with an organisation recognised by IMB in its absolute discretion. Once a Kick Start Package holder no longer meets the eligibility criteria or fails to provide proof of eligible status, the Everyday Unlimited Kick Start and Reward Saver Kick Start accounts converts to the standard terms and conditions applicable to the Everyday Unlimited and Reward Saver accounts. When the account converts to the Everyday Unlimited account a $6 monthly fee is payable each month when the account balance falls below $2,000 at any time. Please refer to the PDS for full details.

2. Transaction fees apply to international transactions and transactions performed via non-IMB channels.

3. The Kick Start Bonus Interest Rate is a variable interest rate payable for the duration the account holder is eligible to hold a Reward Saver Kick Start account. To earn both the Standard Variable Bonus Rate and the Kick Start Bonus Interest Rate (Bonus Interest) the account holder must make a minimum $20 deposit and no withdrawals per month (Bonus Interest Criteria). If Bonus Interest Criteria is not met for the calendar month, the Bonus Interest is forfeited. A transfer from the Reward Saver Kick Start account to the Everyday Unlimited Kick Start account is considered a withdrawal for the purposes of calculating Bonus Interest.

4. Available to Members aged 18 years and over.

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