MTA Estimator

IMB’s Member Transaction Allowance (MTA) is a unique and rewarding component of IMB’s offer to our Members. Every IMB Member has the opportunity to earn a transaction allowance that rewards the length and breadth of your banking relationship with IMB.

You use your monthly allowance to offset any transaction fees you may incur on accounts you own during the month.The MTA is calculated based on the number and type of products you hold with IMB, the value of those holdings and the time you have been an IMB Member.

So, the longer you have been an IMB Member and the more accounts and loans you hold with IMB, the higher your monthly allowance is likely to be.Use this calculator to estimate what your Member Transaction Allowance would be.

Are you 18 or over?
How long have you been an IMB member?
What is the average daily balance of your IMB deposit accounts*
What is the balance of all of your IMB term deposits at the end of the month?
What is the total balance of your IMB loans at the end of the month?
Number of IMB shares held?
Estimated Member Transaction Allowance

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This calculator provides an estimate of your Member Transaction Allowance (MTA) only. Your actual MTA is determined according to our records on a monthly basis dependant on your specific account and member circumstances, and may differ from the estimate arrived at above. * The IMB and IMB Everyday Unlimited Account are exempt from and do not contribute to the MTA. The MTA cannot be applied against any monthly fees or any transaction fees incurred on the Everyday Unlimited or Everyday Unlimited Kick Start Account. ^Subject to the conditions above, we will only apply your member allowance against fees incurred on the accounts you own. For the purpose of applying the member allowance, the first named account holder of a joint account is deemed to be the owner of the account. Please Consider the PDS, available from IMB branches or by calling 133 462 before making a decision about these produccts. Target Market Determination, available here.