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Does your small business feel like it has been designed to encourage a productive work environment? One survey indicates that consideration for the design of a workspace could be beneficial for workers as it may help with productivity, introduce a sense of community and may make being at work more enjoyable1.

If you’re looking at redesigning your office, consider starting small. After all, you might not want to take out a business loan for a fit-out. So let's begin with some ideas for minor changes you could make to your business decor to make it a better and potentially more productive space for you and your employees.

Increase the greenery

A biophilic design could be one way of improving a design. Recent research has shown that 25 per cent of Australian workers feel like indoor plants would be a part of their ideal workspace2.

Perhaps a trip to the garden store could be the first step to improving office decor? Peace Lilies, Chrysanthemums and even Gerbera Daisies have all been shown to improve air quality as well3, giving you an added wellbeing bonus.

Let the sun shine

In the same study about indoor plants, 54 percent of respondents indicated the more natural light is part of their ideal working situation4. Does your small business let sunlight in? It could be as simple as repainting to a colour scheme that reflects light more effectively, or perhaps a renovation that could include bigger windows.

Alternatively, you may want to change your indoor lighting scheme to something brighter, or even go the other way to make it less harsh. Finding the natural light balance in your decor and design could be fundamental - and cost-effective for your business accounts.

Be a vendor without the vending machines

Rather than have employees using a vending machine for their snacks throughout the day, consider removing this piece of equipment from your office entirely. Giving people a break to get out of the office for food could do them good, and vending machines might not be the most visually appealing of office implements.

When you want to look into financing a remodel of your office or have any questions about managing small business finance, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at IMB.

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