How to Run a Business

Learn how to run your business.

Articles on How to Run a Business

Business & Banking

Understanding your business

A look at the details for running a business from a financial perspective.

Business & Banking

What is overdrafting and how can it help your business?

Cashflow is a key concern for any business, but small to medium-sized enterprises are often hardest hit when debtors and customers fail to settle their bills in a timely manner.

Business & Banking

Tips on managing your small business finances

Keeping cashflow moving and planning for the next steps.

Business & Banking

Running your business

In-depth step-by-step guide to running your business finances with a focus on cashflow and banking.

Business & Banking

Is it better to buy or rent a small business premises?

The pros and cons of buying versus renting a business premises

Business & Banking

How to find an accountant to help with your small business finances

A good accountant can give you the room to concentrate on what you love about your business - building a success.

Business & Banking

How to apply for a business loan

5 key steps for preparing to borrow money for your business

Business & Banking

Growing your business

A growing business is a good thing, but be prepared: investment in people, equipment and premises costs. How you will finance the next steps?

Business & Banking

Gross profit and your business: What does it mean?

The difference between gross profit and net profit, explained.

Business & Banking

Decorating ideas for your business

Does your small business feel like it has been designed to encourage a productive work environment? One survey indicates that consideration for the design of a workspace could be beneficial for workers as it may help with productivity, introduce a sense of community and may make being at work more enjoyable1.

Business & Banking

A guide to managing your cashflow

Key points for businesses to follow to stay on top of cashflow.

Business & Banking

5 things to know before you start a small business

Are you looking to start your own business? It can be an exciting endeavour; but could mean some changes to your financial situation

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