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Under Part 7.2A of the Corporations Act, ASIC now has the function of supervising financial markets, the operators of which are licensed under subsection 795B(1) of the Act, which includes IMB Ltd.

As part of its functions, ASIC has made Market Integrity Rules for the IMB Market, a copy of which can be obtained by clicking here.

Participants of the IMB Market must ensure they comply with these Market Integrity Rules.

IMB will continue to operate and supervise the IMB Market in accordance with the IMB Market Operating Rules, which have been in place since 2005 when IMB was first issued an Australian Market Licence by ASIC. These Operating Rules have not changed, and can be obtained from the Menu IMB Share Market.

As there is some duplication between the supervisory responsibilities of IMB and ASIC, IMB and ASIC will share information in relation to trading on the IMB Market and the conduct of IMB Market participants.

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