Leaving School

Learn how to deal with leaving school.

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Learning About Money

Your take home pay

Easy breakdown of net income and take home pay for students.

Learning About Money

Your credit history

What is a credit history? Explained including the personal details collected and how long the data is kept in Australia.

Saving and Managing Money

Tips for managing your credit card

Credit card management tips for first time users and students.

Learning About Money

Tips for creating a budget that works for you

Finance tips for teens on creating a budget that works for them.

Saving and Managing Money

The three money stages before 30

Good financial habits can be great to learn and put in place when you are younger; however, it’s never too late to start learning. Here are three important financial stages of a young Australian's life; especially when it comes to money.

Learning About Money

Savvy ways to save as a student

A quick guide to living cheaply and saving money while studying.

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