10 ways you can start saving now

We all hear about the importance of reviewing things like your phone and insurance to see if you can save money, but what about changes you can make right now to help save a buck or two. Some of these savings may seem small, but overtime they all add up.

1. Leave your credit card at home

If you don’t have your credit card on your person, you can’t buy those jeans you can’t afford on impulse = Win!  

2. Refill your water bottle

Water is cheaper from the tap. Don’t use your hard earned cash to pay for bottled water when you can get it for less from the tap.  

3. Take a short term view*

Conduct a mini challenge. See if you can save $25 bucks this week. Every time you don’t buy a coffee or can of coke, transfer what you didn’t spend to your savings. Keep things interesting by mixing up your challenges. Watch out – it’s addictive!  

4. Take baby steps

Making small changes is much easier than tackling a big leap, eg decide to ditch your afternoon coffee a couple of days a week rather than every day or only buy lunch out three days a week instead of five.  

5. Make the great outdoors your gym

Instead of forking out for expensive gym memberships, go for a walk, run or ride in the great outdoors. Many councils now offer outdoor training facilities on popular walking tracks – do take full advantage.  

6. Join the library

Join the local library = free. Buying a new book = $25. Enough said.  

7. Eat from your fridge

Australians throw out a ridiculous amount of groceries every year. Before you pick up the takeaway menu, take a look in your fridge. Google your ingredients if you need help with a recipe.

8. Make a shopping list

Refer to the point above. Make a list of what you need each week. Don’t buy stuff that’s not on your list. Also, don’t shop when you’re hungry.  

9. While we’re on the shopping

Consider buying supermarket brands for some of your basics. These small savings can add up. Do you really care what sort of flour you use?  

10. Designate a spend free day (or two)

Have one day every week where you don’t spend anything. Not a cent. It’s just one day and you probably won’t miss the incidentals.

* Example for point 3 – a list of things to buy this week….

a. Monday morning banana bread - $6.50

b. Pack of chips Monday afternoon - $4.50

c. Drink water (from the tap) instead of soft drink to go with lunch Tues = $3.50

d. Breakfast at home Wednesday instead of an egg and bacon roll at a cafe - $9.00

e. Thursday afternoon coffee - $4.50

Note to self: If I do this every week I’ve saved over $100 bucks a month!

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