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Will I need to provide identification?

We will need to identify you if you are managing the financial affairs of one of our late members and you are not an IMB member. It is important that we do this, because we need to protect the privacy of the deceased person and ensure that we are dealing with the right person regarding their affairs.

As part of the Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006, the Government requires all financial institutions to verify the identity of all authorised persons acting on an account and so we require satisfactory identification documents be provided by all the Estate Representatives.

If the Estate Representative/s are already IMB member/s then this requirement may have already been satisfied. If not, the simplest way to complete this is to visit any IMB branch with the appropriate identification documents otherwise you will need to complete the Individual Certification Form – Deceased Estates Administration  and provide it to us with original certified copies of your identification documents (as listed on the form).

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