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What can Secondary Users do?

Once they have been authorised to share data about an account by an account holder, a Secondary User can choose to share account data, transaction details and product specific CDR data with an ‘Accredited Data Recipient’. They are not able to share the customer data of the account holder/s.

A Secondary User cannot:

  • Share customer specific information of the account holder/s e.g. contact details
  • Enable or disable other Secondary Users
  • View data sharing arrangements established by the accountholder/s.

When an account holder has authorised a Secondary User to share CDR data about an account, through IMB Internet Banking the account holder can:

  • View the CDR data sharing arrangements created by the Secondary User that relate to their account
  • Stop sharing data about their account in active CDR data sharing arrangements created by the Secondary User (i.e. override the Secondary User’s CDR data sharing arrangement in relation to their account)
  • Enable and disable a Secondary User.

The account holder/s will be notified of any CDR data sharing actions completed by the Secondary User on their account by way of SMS notification.

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