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What bills can be paid from the deceased’s available funds?

Funeral Expenses

We may be able to assist with paying the costs of the funeral from the accounts of the deceased. This is subject to there being funds available. If there are not enough funds, we may make a part payment with the funds available.

If the funeral expenses have not been paid, provide us with the original tax invoice (or original certified copy) and we will make a payment on your behalf.

If you would like to claim for funeral expenses already paid, provide us with the original tax invoice and receipt, with the payee’s name clearly stated and we may reimburse the payee directly for these expenses.

You can provide these documents to any IMB branch or post them to:

Deceased Estates

IMB Ltd,
PO Box 2077,

Other bills

Probate filing fees and other bills such as electricity, gas, water, council rates and home and/or contents insurance etc may be able to be paid from the account of the deceased if they are from around the time of the member’s death and the member’s name appears on the bill. We may pay these bills directly to the providers if we receive:

  • A copy of the bill notice
  • Identification of the person presenting the bill

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