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How do I enable a joint account for CDR data Sharing?

In accordance with the relevant CDR legislation, eligible joint accounts are already set up for CDR data sharing and you won’t need approval from other joint account holders to share your CDR data with participating accredited parties.

Any eligible joint account holder can stop their CDR data from their joint account from being shared with participating accredited parties at any time. If you choose to disable your joint account, you and all other joint account holders will need to approve and re-enable your consents for CDR data sharing.

To enable CDR data sharing (in Internet Banking):

  • Go to the Data Sharing tab, select Sharing Permissions, then choose the joint account you would like to share and enable CDR data sharing;
  • A message will be sent to your other joint account holder(s) asking them to approve or decline your request to share CDR data relating to the joint account;
  • To approve or decline the request the other joint account holder(s) will need to log into Internet Banking, select the Transfer and BPAY tab, select Authorisations Option and approve or decline;
  • If they approve, your CDR data relating to your joint account will be enabled, and you can select it from the list of accounts eligible for CDR data sharing.

All joint account holders must follow steps above and select Authorise within seven days of the request being created, or the request will expire.

Please note:

  • If a request expires or is rejected, the joint account permission ‘Data sharing not enabled’ will remain,
  • All joint account holders are notified of the outcome of the request by email,
  • Once all joint account holders have approved the request, CDR data sharing will be enabled on the joint account,
  • Any joint account holder with CDR data sharing enabled on an account can create a CDR data sharing arrangement from the Accredited Data Recipient’s app or website,
  • CDR data sharing enabled joint account(s) will be displayed under ‘Available accounts’ on the account selection screen, in the data sharing process.

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