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Can you tell me more about the ‘types’ of projects the Foundation funds that is mentioned in the form?

Here’s the six things we look for when selecting projects to fund.

Social – Foundation sponsored projects mentor and empower men and women in our communities, build inclusion, diversity, and equity, and inspire the young. Further, we invest in projects that provide support for vulnerable or disadvantaged people.

Environmental – We encourage communities to think global but act local. We invest in projects that improve the environment by way of regeneration of community habitats, encouraging recycling, assisting in the recovery from disasters, and driving sustainability by using clean energy.

Cultural – We care about nurturing culture in our communities, supporting programs that recognise and preserve heritage and history to benefit local communities and make our lives so much richer.

Educational – We’re excited by programs that help people acquire skills, break free and embrace new challenges, and projects that support community health and wellbeing – both mental and physical.

Community development – We love projects that enhance experiences for locals and visitors alike, provide economic and social benefits and develop community assets and programs that support shared prosperity.

Community connection – We back initiatives that bring communities together, connecting residents, businesses, the vulnerable and  volunteers for mutual benefit.

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