Transfer of business of Sutherland Credit Union to IMB Bank is now complete

July 1, 2016

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IMB Bank is pleased to announce that the transfer of business of Sutherland Credit Union Limited (The Shire…Local Banking) to IMB Bank was completed today, 1 July 2016. We look forward to leveraging the strengths of the combined entity to further enhance our position as a competitive mutual banking alternative to the major banks in the Sydney region.

IMB Bank welcomes all members of The Shire…Local Banking as members of IMB Bank from today, and as previously foreshadowed, in order to facilitate a smooth transition, there will be no change to either IMB Bank’s or The Shire… Local Banking’s members’ current banking arrangements until the two separate banking systems are integrated in the medium term. Further communications with all members will occur over the course of the merger integration process.

An overview of the merged organisation is shown below:








$5.4 Billion

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