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You’re always wearing your Fitbit, so why not give it the power to make payments?

Fitbit now with Google Pay
From November 15th, 2022, Google Pay is the mobile payment of choice for Fitbit on the Sense 2 and Versa 4 devices. You'll need to setup Google Pay on these devices. Fitbit Pay will continue to operate on older devices.

Why you’ll love Fitbit Pay

It's easy

Simply add your eligible IMB Visa Debit Card to your Fitbit Wallet using the Fitbit app dashboard.

It's convenient

You can tap and pay with your Fitbit watch anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

It's secure

Your card information is not stored on your device or shared with vendors.

How to set up Fitbit Pay

  1. With your device nearby, from the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the Account icon > your device image.
  2. Tap the Wallet title.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your IMB Visa Debit Card. In some cases, your bank may require additional verification. If you’re setting up Fitbit Pay for the first time, you may be prompted to set a 4-digit PIN code for your device. Note that you also need passcode protection enabled for your phone.
  4. After you add your card, follow the on-screen instructions to turn on notifications for your phone (if you haven’t already done so) to complete the setup.

How to pay with Fitbit Pay

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Step 1

Hold your device near the payment terminal to pay.

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Step 2

If prompted, enter your 4-digit PIN code.

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Step 3

If the purchase amount exceeds $100 AU, follow the instructions on the payment terminal. If prompted for a PIN code, enter the PIN code for your card (not your device).

Important documents

Fitbit Pay Terms & Conditions

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Important Information

You should consider the IMB Member Guide to Transaction Banking - Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about this facility. Target Market Determinations available here. Fees and charges may apply, see the PDS – Fees, Charges and Limits for more details. Information current at date of appearance and subject to change.

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