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IMB Email Communications

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From time to time, IMB may communicate to you via email. It’s important to remember that:

  • IMB will not issue emails which provide links to take a member directly to IMB’s internet banking system or directly to a web form for completion
  • Unless specifically stated in the email and identified as approved IMB-sponsored community event information, IMB will always direct a member to IMB’s Home Page or a page where the final location is a landing page within the domain. This may include links commencing with
  • IMB will never request, nor will it provide, Account or Member numbers in unsecure emails.
  • IMB will not publish private information in unsecure emails.
  • IMB will never request passwords, PINs or answers to security questions from members in an email or a return email. All secured communications with members will be completed inside internet banking using the Secure Email facility.

If at any time, you are unsure of an email you receive from IMB, please call us on 133 462.

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  • It all comes back to you.
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