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Welcome to our world of i's. i's with dreams and i's with goals. Some of our i's are setting up the ultimate family home, others are dreaming of lands far away. Some are finding the car of their dreams, others are saving for a rainy day.

Click on some of our i's to learn about them and their hopes and dreams.


Meet the Watsons. Joe, Mel, Sky, David, Lucy and Spot. The Watsons have said goodbye to waiting in line for the bathroom and have just upsized their family home. Now there’s room for everyone – even a space for dad.


Joe Watson

Joe’s a hard working bloke and all round good guy. He loves his family; his mates and his sports. Joe is someone you can count on, he always tells it like it is and has a friendly word or a smile for everyone. Providing the best home for his family is his top priority.


Mel Watson

Mel looks after the home, the kids, the dog and Joe – which is no mean feat. Thankfully Mel’s got plenty of energy and can always see the funny side of any situation. She’s got a lot on her plate so likes to stay on top of things and is always super organised.


Sky Watson

Sky is the Watsons’ teenage daughter. She’s an individual who knows her mind, has a wicked sense of humour and loves her family (though she’d never let them know it). Sky’s favourite things are her friends, her phone and her chewing gum – and not always in that order.


David Watson

David is Sky’s little brother. He’s cheeky and full of fun, a right bundle of energy. He loves a great prank and is forever tormenting his sisters…isn’t that what brothers are for?


Lucy Watson

Lucy is the youngest Watson. She loves her doll and loves her dog. More often than not she’s right in the middle of things, which is just how she likes it.



Spot is the Watsons’ dog, a much loved member of the family. Spot’s a lovable pup who just about manages to stay out of trouble.


His friends call him Mr Sociable; with good reason. Brad’s always online, on his mobile and on the guest list. Amateur DJ, photographer, fashion blogger, graphic designer and film maker, Brad has all his bases covered. Look out world, he’s coming through.
A modern day Indiana Jones, Dan’s on his gap year and in the middle of an epic round the world trip. He’s just finished trekking the Inca Trail to see Machu Pichu – shame it was so foggy he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face let alone a 15th century fortress in the mountains. Still, he’s an upbeat bloke and is looking forward to sailing down the Amazon.
Greg works hard and spends more time on his mobile than he would like. He may look like a conventional guy, but he has big dreams. Dreams of cashing in his investments, heading to Cuba with that special lady and opening a Salsa Club. Just need to keep those investments on track… and practice his Spanish. Olé!


Not your everyday Gran, Di loves getting out and about. No lawn bowls for her, she’s making the most of her retirement. She‘s driven to the Top End, snorkelled on the Barrier Reef and slept underground in Coober Pedy…and knitted nice sweaters in each. Next trip she’s off to do some hiking through the Tasmanian wilderness.
Skinny flat mocha with a macchiato on the side anyone? Luke runs his own coffee shop, knows every customer by name and is the go-to-guy if you’re looking for a juicy bit of gossip on the local scene. And he loves his Argentinian steaks – rare.
Jen’s a lady who loves a bit of luxury and knows how to save to get it. She’s a style queen with a penchant for all things five star… travel, clothes, food. She believes in dressing the part and always looks a million bucks. She loves a good selfie and why wouldn’t you when you look this good?


This is Jake. He’s a car nut who’s going places. And going places in style now he has his own set of wheels. After years of borrowing Mum’s car he can now adventure off-road in his own 4WD. Jake’s a bit of hipster, a master of effortless cool… only it takes him a while to get ready in the morning – and that’s just styling his tash.
Sally loves to shop and even more than she loves to shop, she loves her bargains. She can spot one from three streets away. Sally uses her IMB account every day to pay, to check balances and to transfer money. Sally is clever with her cash she earns working as an apprentice chef and feels happy knowing she’s in control. One day she plans to shop her way across Europe.
Meet Liz. If ever there was a busy Mum, she’s it. Working, studying and managing a household  – someone get that woman a coffee. She’s her kids’ number 1 fan, full of energy and encouragement. Liz is constantly ferrying the kids from one sports match to the next. She recently upgraded to a bigger car and loves the extra space. What does she fill it with? Extra kids and more sports equipment of course!


Ommmm, Ommmmm, Ommmmmm. Jasmin is all calm and positive energy. She’s a juice bar loving, hiking, cycling, meditation freak who sparkles with life and vitality. She loves tending her organic veggie patch and experimenting in the kitchen. Her Quinoa risotto with wild mushrooms and a goats cheese and goji emulsion is a real hit with her meditation group.



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