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Christmas lunch on a budget


Christmas lunch is supposed to be indulgent but you don’t need to blow the budget to have a meal that your guests will rave about.

Think outside the square when it comes to your menu. It doesn’t have to be traditional to be spectacular and a lighter meal might just have your guests (and their waistlines) thanking you.

Entrée and Starters

Choose light seasonal vegetables as a starter, perhaps chargrilled asparagus with goat’s cheese and sourdough crusts. Although if you are keen to get started on the seafood, look for recipes that use seafood as an ingredient such as these Prawn and Lemon Arancini balls that can be assembled a day in advance.


Whilst a turkey makes an impressive table centrepiece, a good turkey will set you back a pretty penny. Consider other cuts of meat such as a rolled pork loin or a classic roast chicken.

A ham can be a good option if you are clever with your leftover recipes. Make a point of collating a few and have additional ingredients on hand so you can whip up yummy leftover meals without having to head to the supermarket again.


A Pavlova is always a hit and when combined with the decadence of boozy cherries makes for a spectacular and indulgent dessert that won’t hit you too hard in the hip pocket.

If you are not a fan of the good ‘ole pav then try a baked cheesecake. The addition of chocolate and cherries in this Jamie Oliver recipe gives the cheesecake a festive touch.


A good way to spread the Christmas cheer around a crowd and keep the alcohol countdown is with a delicious bowl of punch. Of course, if you want to cut costs, even more, you can skip the alcohol and make a delicious non-alcoholic version.


Remember wasted food is an expense we don’t often consider, so whilst you want to have an impressive feast, there is no need to over cater.


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