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10 ways you can start saving now


We all hear about the importance of reviewing things like your phone and insurance to see if you can save money, but what about changes you can make right now to help save a buck or two. Some of these savings may seem small, but overtime they all add up.

  1. Leave your credit card at home
  2. Refill your water bottle
  3. Take a short term view
  4. Take baby steps
  5. Make the great outdoors your gym
  6. Join the library
  7. Eat from your fridge
  8. Make a shopping list
  9. While we’re on the shopping
  10. Designate a spend free day (or two)

Aside from point 3 – things I’m not going to buy this week….

a. Monday afternoon coffee  - $4.50

b. New tunes Monday night - $2.19 x2 = $4.38

c. Drink water (from the tap) instead of soft drink to go with lunch Tues = $3.50

d. Breakfast at home Wednesday instead of an egg and bacon roll at a cafe - $7.00

e. Thursday afternoon coffee - $4.50

Note to self: If I do this every week I’ve saved about $100 bucks a month!

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