My Credit Union


8 October 2019

Today IMB Bank announced it will be reducing its home loan interest rates.

For owner-occupier and investor home loan borrowers, variable rates will reduce by 0.13%, while business loan variable rates will reduce by 0.20%.  

Also announced today were significant reductions to fixed home loan rates, which have been reduced by up to 0.40%.

These reductions balance the needs of all our customers - our borrowers, depositors and business customers - while maintaining some of the most competitive home loan rates in Australia.

The changes come after looking at a range of factors including the impact lower rates continue to have on deposit customers, many of whom rely on fixed interest from their deposits to support their income.

The variable interest rate reductions will be effective October 22, 2019 while the fixed interest rate changes will be effective on October 11, 2019.

If you have any queries regarding these changes, please speak with one of our home loan specialists in your local branch or call us on 133 462.