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IMB Shares are traded every business day between the hours of 9.00am - 5.00pm (except on Public Holidays in New South Wales).

The following documents contain important information that you should consider before deciding to trade in IMB shares. These are the rules you must comply with when buying, selling and transferring IMB shares. These documents set out your rights and obligations as well as the policies and procedures IMB must adhere to when operating the IMB Share Market.

Under Part 7.2A of the Corporations Act, ASIC now has the function of supervising financial markets, the operators of which are licensed under subsection 795B(1) of the Act, which includes IMB Ltd.

As part of its functions, ASIC has made Market Integrity Rules for the IMB Market, a copy of which can be obtained by clicking here.

Participants of the IMB Market must ensure they comply with these Market Integrity Rules.

Suspension of Trading on IMB Market

In rare circumstances it may be necessary for IMB to suspend or halt the trading of IMB shares on the market. This may occur where IMB is considering how best to fulfil its continuous disclosure obligations, or where IMB seeks to prevent a disorderly or uninformed market. Announcements relating to suspensions or trading halts will be made via the ‘Market Announcements’ page.

Complaints and Disputes

IMB will at all times maintain a Dispute Resolution Policy for the IMB Market. If you have a complaint which relates to the trading of IMB shares, or any other matter connected to the IMB Market, this is the policy IMB will follow in order to resolve your complaint.

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