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Download a Sample Application Form

All sections of the Application Form must be completed (insert N/A where not applicable). Additional information should not be provided unless specifically requested.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR RESPONSES BRIEF AND TO THE POINT. “Dot” or “bullet” points are encouraged.

The Form is divided into sections to assist with your application and to ensure the Foundation collects all relevant information. 

Section A.  Organisation Information

  1. Complete as requested
  2. Complete as requested
  3. Complete as requested
  4. 'Type' refers to your organisation’s registration, e.g. not-for-profit, incorporated association, local government organisation, trust, cooperative, etc.
  5. Complete as requested
  6. Description of organisation‘ requires a brief explanation of the focus of your organisation and what is does (max 150 words).

Section B.  Project Information

  1. ‘Project name’- in no more than five words, select a name for your project, which will be used as a reference.
  2. Complete as requested
  3. 'Type of project can be one or more of the following; community/social, cultural, heritage, educational/training, tourism, environmental or economic.
  4. ‘Brief description’- describe some of the activities involved in implementing your project. Examples include educational workshops, artistic pursuits, health and fitness, heritage preservation, road safety etc.
  5. ‘Objectives’- provide three brief, measurable objectives that outline what your project is expected to achieve.
  6. ‘Key milestones’- list the ideal outcome of your project, including specific events along the way.
  7. Complete as requested

Section C. Funding Details

  1. Complete as requested
  2. 'Total cost'-the total cost of your project not including ‘in kind inputs’
  3. ‘List what proposed funds would be applied to’- select the specific areas which the ICF fund would be applied to. For areas not listed, make a note in the ‘other’ section.
  4. Complete as requested
  5. Complete as requested
  6. Complete as requested

Section D.  Community Inputs

Note: Section D & E form a large proportion of the Assessment Scoring

  1. 'Volunteers'- include estimates of numbers of volunteers and approximate hours invested.
  2. 'In kind inputs'refers to any other inputs provided to your project as donations from the community. Examples include accommodation, travel, premises, material etc.
  3. 'Community support'- provide a comment on the current community awareness and potential support of your proposed project.

Section E. Other Assessment Factors

  1. ‘Reach and impact’- provide a brief comment on the benefits of the project for the community.
  2. ‘Sustainability’- consider how the project will be sustainable in the future. Note how it will provide on-going benefits to the community- socially, economically or otherwise?
  3. ‘Skills and knowledge transfer’- comment on how the project will transfer skills and knowledge to participants, local community and other regions. Examples include encouraging mentoring, education, training, cooperation etc. Complete as requested
  4. ‘Innovation’- discuss the degree of innovation in your project in relation to the projects aims and benefits for the community. Is it in any way ‘new to the community’?
  5. Promotional opportunities’ comment on your willingness to ‘partner’ with IMB Bank, Shire...Local Banking and the Foundation in promotional activities.
  6. ‘Evaluation’- discuss how you will measure the success of the projects objectives, outlined in Section B

Section F.  General Data

  1. ‘Previous grants’- note any grants recently received by your organisation.
  2. ‘Project staging’- will your project be divided into stages during implementation? Briefly state how, describing the various stages
  3. ‘Insurance covers’- please state whether your organisation and project are adequately insured for WorkCover, public liability, comprehensive (assets) etc. Successful applicants will be asked to provide a copy of the relevant certificates

Section G.  Applicant's Comments

  1. Add any additional comments you would like to make in support of your project.
  2. Select how you heard about the Shire Community foundation.

Section H.  Completion

  1. Please confirm all details provided.