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  1. How do I apply for funding for our proposed project?
    A: You will need to complete the online application form 
  2. What is the maximum amount of funds we can request?
    A:There is no fixed maximum or minimum amount of funding that can be requested. However, consideration is given to the fixed amount of funding available for distribution each year.
    Most applications received range between $1,000 and $30,000.
    Favourable consideration has been given to larger amounts where the proposed project has outstanding merit and impact.
  3. Can we apply for funds for more than one project?
    A: Yes, if you believe both projects meet the Foundation’s Objectives and Criteria. A separate online application would be required for each project.
  4. Can the closing date for applications be extended?
    A: Unfortunately, no.
  5. Will we receive a reply after lodging our application
    A: Due to the large number of applications expected, the Foundation does not issue any notification of receipt thereof. You will be issued with a lodgement reference number when the form in lodged; please retain and file that number for future reference.
  6. What communications will be received from Shire Community Foundation about an Application?
    A:The first written communications will be via email to the unsuccessful applicants. At the same time, short-listed applicants will be advised of their project status, followed soon after by phone calls and emails relating to arranging visits and phone interviews.
    After the committee has satisfied itself regarding all assessment matters, it will meet and make final recommendations. Immediately following this, both successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive advice by email.
    In addition, the successful applicant will receive a formal Funding Agreement for completion and return.See the Timeline for an overview of each phase of the process. Each application will be assessed in line with the Criteria.
  7. What else should I know about the assessment process?
    A: See the Timeline for an overview of each phase of the process. Each application will be assessed in line with the Criteria.
    In addition, most short-listed applicants will receive a visit from IMB Bank, Shire...Local Banking and/or Foundation representatives to further discuss your proposed project.
  8. What is the short-listing process? A: Points are awarded to each project application by the Assessment Committee during the assessment process. The short list consists of those applications that scored above a number that is determined by the funds available. Not all projects that are initially shortlisted will receive funding, a final decision on projects to receive funding is decided after project visits.
  9. How will we find out if we are shortlisted or not?
    A: You will receive an email from the Shire Community Foundation to the email address provided by you on your online application form.
  10. Can I save my application form as I complete it?
    A: The online application form may be saved during the course of completing the form and easily retrieved at a later date. When saving the form, a reference/file number will be produced; please note and store this reference number.
  11. Can I print my application form?
    A: For your reference, applicants will be able to print a copy of your completed application form. Please note that printed forms do not need to be posted back to the Shire Community Foundation.
  12. If my project is successful how would I receive the money?
    A: Your organisation will be required to have a current bank account with IMB Bank or Shire...Local Banking in order to receive your funds. Extenuating circumstances may be discussed.
  13. How do I make further enquiries on any aspect of the application and assessment processes?
    A: Submit enquiries via the online enquiry form or, or call the Shire Community Foundation on 1800 22 32 42
  14. Can you tell us more about the project "types" as referred to in the Application form?
    A: The following “types” are listed in the Guide to Complete the Form:
  • Cultural- i.e. music, art theatre, movies, literature, etc…
  • Economic activity- not-for-profit businesses; must not be directly commercial-for-profit.
  • Environmental- positive community benefits, sustainable outcomes.
  • Heritage and history- i.e. preservation, conservation, etc…

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Criteria and Restraints2019 Application Timetable

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