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Project applications are assessed by the Shire Community Foundation according to the below Criteria and Constraints.


Project applications are assessed by the Shire Community Foundation Committee according to the following:

  1. Geographic proximity within the Sutherland Shire
  2. Community input in the project and the benefits the project will create for the community
  3. Reach and impact of the project
  4. Project sustainability
  5. The project's ability to transfer skills and knowledge
  6. Innovation - in relation to the project itself or its “new to your community” features
  7. Promotional Opportunities – willingness to “partner” with IMB Bank and Shire...Local Banking in promotional activity
  8. Evaluation – do you have a plan to properly evaluate the degree of success for your project

In addition, the Assessment Committee will take into account the organisational maturity and its backing of the project, and the experience of its proponents. It will consider the “value for money” balance and the general nature of the expenditure.


As a guide, the Shire Community Foundation will generally not fund the following:

  1. Projects that involve advocacy for particular groups or sections of the community;
  2. Sporting or 'event' sponsorships;
  3. Donations to charities or to welfare groups;
  4. Budget deficits;
  5. Travel, accommodation and meal expenses*;
  6. Projects from organisations with specific political objectives;
  7. Organisations that maintain discriminatory practices;
  8. Other foundations that are grant making bodies;
  9. Capital expenditure (unless forming an integral part of a project*).

* With regard to constraints 5. and 9., the Committee closely assesses the project before anything is ruled out on these grounds. It is accepted that either type of expenditure may well be an integral part of a whole project.

Furthermore, the Shire Community Foundation supports projects that meet its objectives.

If you have any questions, please submit them via our online enquiry form or call 1800 223 242.

Important Note: 

If your application is successful, your organisation will be required to have open a current bank account with IMB Bank for the purpose of direct transfer of funds. If there are extenuating circumstances, eg. local government organisation procedures, etc.., we will discuss with you the possibility of specific alternative arrangements.


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