Do you really need to own a car?

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Buying and maintaining a car is an expensive business. We would all like to look cool in the latest BMW, Mercedes or Maserati but before you start scanning the car yards, think carefully about the cost of owning a vehicle.

Petrol prices can be difficult to predict, insurance is a must, regular services are essential – all these dollars add up and that is after you have saved or borrowed enough to get the car in the first place. While it might be convenient to rock up to campus in your own wheels, is it really necessary?

There are other options you might want to consider – walking, cycling, buying a small Vespa-like motor scooter and public transport. If you don’t live far from campus, walking is a great option. Not only is it healthier and, if you want to make a contribution to decreasing global carbon levels, more environmentally friendly, but it will save on gym fees and you won’t have to find the time to exercise during a busy day. A brisk half hour walk to and from campus is enough exercise to keep your doctor happy!

‘Keeping fit and helping the environment with a single stone’


Cycling is now a very common form of transport for everyone from five-year-olds to executives in business suits. Local and state governments are adding bike lanes to many streets, roads and highways and cycling is good exercise and saves the environment.

Motorised scooters 

Vespa-like motor scooters conjure up images of gorgeous Italian women zipping through Rome, and while they are quite expensive in the initial outlay, the cost of upkeep is much less than a car. It might be a bit hard to persuade your date to walk, cycle or take public transport but you will be uber chic with a motor scooter!

Public Transport

Public transport may or may not be an option but it is worth considering. Check the timetables and regularity of buses and trains in your area to see if you could manage without a car.

Hire Cars

If you decide not to purchase four wheels, there are plenty of options to hire cars and not just from the traditional outlets like Hertz or Avis. Check out the new schemes like or

Purchasing a car

If buying a car is right for you, consider all car finance options and don’t forget to check out IMB’s competitive car loan options.


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