Here’s what you can do right now to help make the sale of your property a success

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Selling your property could net you a bumper profit, and paying attention to the little details may help get you there. During the September quarter of 2016, most Australians who sold did so for more than they bought - almost 98 per cent in NSW and over 90 per cent nationwide1. If you're just about to sell, we want to help count yourself in the 90 percent, and not the other 10. We've put together a list of simple changes you can make right now to help you get the best out of your property's sale.

First impressions

When selling your property, visual appeal and first impressions matter. In fact, buyers surveyed said they would reduce their offers by as much as 25 per cent if a home had mediocre visual appeal, and 32 per cent would write it off completely if it had an untidy garden2.

Spending a few hours getting the frontage of your property into shape, could help with gaining a positive first impression. For example, you may decide to declutter the front lawn or, remove children's toys, excess furniture and any gardening tools. Also, consider tidying up the garden and water blast the front of the house if it's dusty or muddy.

“Making a good first impression could make all the difference”.

For some people, the front door can be an afterthought, but it may be just as important as the rest of the house, given that the front door could set the tone for the rest of your home. If the paint is peeling, think about sanding it back and applying a fresh coat. Also, consider whether or not to declutter the entryway inside and outside. For example, removing shoe racks and replacing old tattered welcome mats, could help with creating a clean, uncluttered and inviting look and feel.

Pay attention to detail when cleaning

It goes without saying that your home should be clean and presentable when it comes time to sell. However, many sellers underestimate just how pristine it needs to be. When buyers look through your property, it’s likely they'll peek into every nook and cranny.

Atop shelves, the corners of cupboards, all the surfaces in your bathrooms, every corner of the carpet and much more can all be inspected by the most thorough buyers. If signs of mould, disrepair or stains are found, that could hurt your home's eventual sale price, so consider being as thorough as you can when cleaning.

Light it up

When selling, lighting can help transform your property into a welcoming and bright space that buyers will love to be in. Almost half of buyers said that they could tell if they liked a home (or not) as soon as they walked in the door - so lighting can be incredibly important3.

An evenly lit home could make all the difference, and if you have darker rooms, consider extra lighting in them to brighten them up. Also, dimmers, candles and lamps, can help to provide an even, but soft light that can help make your home more alluring.

Who doesn't love a bit of lighting from a beautifully scented candle?

Eliminate odours

Smells of damp, dirt or rubbish, can put buyers off quicker than you can say 'reduced sale price'. In fact, the way your home smells could affect its sale price by as much as $100,0004.Cleaning the sources of any odours using antibacterial products can help with unsavoury smells. Also, consider deodorising each room with air freshening sprays of your favourite fragrance.  

Hint: fresh citrus was found to be one of the most favoured fragrances, so consider lighting lemon scented candles for a subtle but noticeable citrus scent4.

Hide signs of pets

Whether you have a 3-foot-tall Rottweiler, or the tiniest kitten - the presence of a pet could put buyers off and potentially impact the sale price of your home. While you may know and love your furry friend, some buyers can be unfamiliar and uneasy with animals around, which can be something to consider when you're trying to sell your property - especially during an inspection.

“Any signs of a pet could put a potential buyer off a purchase”.

As soon as a buyer sees a pet or even notice signs that animals live in the home, they may pay closer attention for any signs of damage caused by animals. Think carpet stains, pet odours and general property damage. Thoroughly cleaning any pet related mess, and leaving your pet at the kennels or a friend’s place during the selling process may help to increase your chances of selling your home quicker or even a higher price.

Get your property ready for the big stage

If you're ready to sell, staging your home could add some value to your home, some experts believe5.However, there's more to staging than just renting flashy furniture – consider how you would market your property as a home that buyers can see themselves living in.

Financing the move

Before you sell your home and buy another, it could be an ideal time to review your financial situation. By doing so you may discover financial options to help with the transition into your new home. For example, you could consider;

  • A loan to fund renovations or to furnish your new home
  • Comparing your current home loan to switch to a home loan that may better suit your needs

IMB's home loan specialists can provide information regarding home loan options to make buying your next home as straightforward and stress-free as possible.


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