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Tips on how to successfully recruit a good cultural fit

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Recruiting staff is always a challenge and, of course, you will be looking for candidates with the relevant skills and qualifications to suit the role you need filled.

Investing the time

Time in business is always very valuable but investing sufficient effort up-front in the recruitment process can prevent a poor hire, save on costs and prevent collateral damage in the long term.  Having a formal recruitment process can make a significant difference to the outcome achieved and result in benefits to the business and its staff. Investing the time to find candidates with similar values to the business is key, allowing a smooth transition for all involved when you welcome a new member to the team.

Short listing candidates

When short listing candidates look for buzz words in their cv/resume that align with your business.

Even your first interaction with candidates over the phone is important. Ask yourself: 

  • Were they welcoming and friendly?
  • Did they have a professional phone manner?

This may sound silly but catching them off guard may allow you a glimpse into their true personality. First impressions are always vital.

Take the lead

During the interview process, probe candidates to find out if their professional values/goals match the culture of your business/team.  You will need to set these questions around your company’s values. 

Be careful to not let the candidate lead the interview and side track you from getting the information you require.

Involve business partners

Sometimes the best person to approach to seek feedback on your candidate is the first point of contact (the person who greets them when they come in the door) It is valuable to have other business partners meet those that you are interviewing.

  • Walking the candidate through the office introducing them to potential team members gives you the opportunity to observe how they interact
  • For particular roles, it is  beneficial to have another business partner interview with you

You will find involving business partners will have them buy in to new team members quicker and stronger working relationships will be formed.

We all know what it is like to work with that one individual that you continually find yourself asking ‘How did this person get hired; they just do not fit with in our team?’ Placing emphasis on cultural fit in addition to skills and qualifications will place your business in a good position to achieve its objectives while maintaining office morale.


Written by: Jodie Russell, HR Adviser.

This article has been written by an independent author. Any views and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author and do not necessarily reflect those of IMB.

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