8 top tips to help you afford your dreams.

How to save for my dream holiday

We all have dreams and goals. Maybe you want to travel the world, own your first home or put yourself through university. Our dreams and goals are as diverse as we are.

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10 Ways You Can Save NOW

We all hear about the importance of reviewing things like your phone and insurance to see if you can save money, but what about changes you can make right now to help save a buck or two. Some of these savings may seem small, but overtime they all add up.

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Creating a budget you can stick to

Mention the word budget and you are rarely greeted with gleeful excitement, hands clapping together and a ‘Yay let’s get started’. However the fact remains that a budget is the cornerstone of any financial plan. If you do nothing else with your finances, do this one thing. It will change your life…for the better.

Follow these simple steps to develop a budget that works for you and you will never look back.

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5 Reasons you need a budget

Ask anyone with half an idea about finances and they’ll most likely tell you the first step towards getting your personal finances sorted is doing a budget. Before you run screaming for the exit, here are five good reasons you need one this year:

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5 things your kids need to know about money

Monday, 17 August 2015 17:11

These modern times can be confusing for our kids when it comes to money. Long gone are the weekly trips to the local branch to do your banking and withdraw cash to see you through until next time. Credit cards, debit cards and internet and mobile banking all mean less physical money changes hands, never mind EFTPOS withdrawals where you appear to be given money with your shopping. Before too long we will all be paying for purchases with our smartphones, so how best to ensure our kids grow up with an appreciation of the stuff that makes the world go around? Here are our top five things to teach your kids about money.

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Why you can’t save

Some people have a knack for saving. They’ve been saving since they were kids and putting aside a little money each pay comes naturally to them – even when they’re not saving for anything! Hooray for them. For the rest of us saving, can be more challenging than flat pack furniture (yes IKEA, we’re looking at you) and about as much fun.

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5 Best Aussie Road Trips

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 10:15

Road trips Australia

Ready to hit the road? Tick these dream drives off your bucket list

Whether it's a romantic drive along coastal roads with a summertime breeze blowing through your hair or an inexpensive winter getaway through luscious countryside... there’s nothing like a road trip to recharge your zest for adventure.

Luckily for us, Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to hitting the road. Here are 5 of the best to get you revved up for your next road trip…

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